Hebrew alphabet transliterations

Hovering your mouse over the Hebrew on these pages will produce a floating title showing the transliteration and enumeration of those letters.[1] No matter how a word would be spelled in common usage, I use a standard set of letters for my transliterations, such as "Y" for Yod, which could just as easily be "J" or "I". That makes less work for my computer, which creates those floating titles when it produces the page.

These are the transliterations I use:

Letter אבג דהו זחט
Translit. ABG DHV ZXT
Value 123 456 789
Name AlefBethGimel DalethHehVau ZainChethTeth
Letter יכל מנס עפצ
Translit. YKL MNS @PC
Value 102030 405060 708090
Name YodKaphLamed MemNunSamekh AyinPehTzaddi
Letter קרש תךם ןףץ
Translit. QR$ T 
Value 100200300 400 
Name QophReshShin Tau 

You'll see other characters in the Hebrew words and their transliterations, and sometimes they don't look exactly the way they should. For instance, Hebrew words are often joined in groups via a hyphen called a makkef, that should go at the top of the line; but some browsers don't render that character properly. The floating title will show it as a dash, -. The unusual characters don't count in the enumerations.

You should also be aware that gematria generally doesn't use final forms of letters: instead of the usual value of ם it will use the value of מ. If you have learned enumerations of certain words that don't match what these pages tell you they are, that could be why. It also might be that my enumerations include the definite article[2], ה, or an inseparable preposition such as ב, or some such. …Or perhaps you learned one of the creative misspellings that magicians such as Aleister Crowley used in order to make the numbers add up the way the magician wanted them to. Be aware, as well, that there are often several accepted spellings of a word. Particularly with Vau, many times it is perfectly acceptable to include it or omit it without changing the word's meaning.

My transliteration scheme does not include the final letters. I made that choice because, as explained above, gematria generally doesn't use the enumerations of the final forms. On the other hand, there are situations in which you will want to use those final letter enumerations. For those cases, you're on your own to generate the enumeration.

[1]Assuming your browser has that feature turned on, of course.
[2]"The". Hebrew has no indefinite article, so מלך, Melekh, can mean king or a king. The king, on the other hand, is המלך, ha-Melekh.
[1]Assuming your browser has that feature turned on, of course.
[2]"The". Hebrew has no indefinite article, so מלך, Melekh, can mean king or a king. The king, on the other hand, is המלך, ha-Melekh.
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