The Gra Tree

the Gra tree layout The Gaon of Vilna, also called the Gra (an acronym of Gaon Rabbi Eliyahu), was an 18th Century kabbalist and Talmudic scholar. His layout of the Tree sets out the thirty-two paths as shown here. In this picture, you can see —

  • The three mother letters acting as horizontal connectors between the positive and negative Sephiroth of the three Triads, connecting the active and passive Pillars
  • The seven double letters acting as vertical connectors between all ten Sephiroth, forming the Pillars
  • The twelve simple letters connecting the slantwise paths, communicating between adjacent Pillars

The assignations shown for each letter in this diagram are not the same as the ones shown elsewhere on this site. This is a different interpretation than the one commonly used today. There is, moreover another layout yet: the older Ari tree. Gra and Ari agree in some things, disagree in most regarding the placement of letters on the Paths. The Ari layout is the one most commonly expounded in writings about Sepher Yetzirah and the Bahir.

[A] The FoolAlef, א, The Fool

[B] The MagusBeth, ב, The Magus

[G] The PriestessGimel, ג, The Priestess

[D] The EmpressDaleth, ד, The Empress

[H] The StarHeh, ה, The Star

[V] The HierophantVau, ו, The Hierophant

[Z] The LoversZain, ז, The Lovers

[X] The ChariotCheth, ח, The Chariot

[T] LustTet, ט, Lust

[Y] The HermitYod, י, The Hermit

[K] FortuneKaph, כ, Fortune

[L] AdjustmentLamed, ל, Adjustment

[M] The FoolMem, מ, The Hanged Man

[N] DeathNun, נ, Death

[S] ArtSamekh, ס, Art

[O] The DevilAyin, ע, The Devil

[P] The TowerPeh, פ, The Tower

[C] The EmperorTzaddi, צ, The Emperor

[Q] The MoonQoph, ק, The Moon

[R] The SunResh, ר, The Sun

[Sh] The FoolShin, ש, The Aeon

[Th] The UniverseTau, ת, The Universe

[KTR] Kether, Crown

[XKMH] Chokmah, Wisdom

[BYNH] Binah, Understanding

[XSD] Chesed, Mercy

[GBVRH] Geburah, Strength

[TPART] Tiphareth, Beauty

[NCX] Netzach, Victory

[HVD] Hod, Splendor

[YSVD] Yesod, Foundation

[MLKVT] Malkuth, Kingdom

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