Daath, Knowledge
Da'ath, Knowledge

Situated in the Abyss, Da'ath (דעת) is knowledge without understanding. Also called The False Head, it can look like Kether coming up the Tree, but don't be fooled: it is in the Abyss — some say it is the Abyss — and is also the gateway to the Qliphoth (קליפות), the spheres of negative influence that are the Qabalah's reverse side.

Many Qabalists say that "Where Da'ath is, Kether is Not." Da'ath, whose name means "knowledge", is the child of the Supernals. It summarizes, but cannot take the place of, the Supernals. They themselves are "knowledge": Kether is knowledge, Chokmah the knower, and Binah that which is known. Da'ath then is the imperfect reflection of that supreme knowledge — but perfect enough to delude the seeker into thinking that it is the supreme knowledge. Beware: this is not the top of the Tree!

This knowledge is the creation of Wisdom (Chokmah) and Understanding (Binah), rather than their creator, Kether. That's why Da'ath is the trap it is: learning a thing, we think we have achieved knowledge. We fail to realize that we must pass beyond it, bridge this abyss, to achieve understanding and wisdom; and must at the last transcend even them to achieve the perfect Knowledge that emanates from the One.

Consider, for example, history. As children in school we study history, memorize a lot of facts about who did what, where, with which, and to whom. That's knowledge; and, exactly as you thought when you were learning about it in school, it isn't worth much. Until you come to know why it happened, you won't understand history. Introspection and meditation can lead you to the wisdom that will let you experience the moment, know what forces set those events in motion; and that is the knowledge you need in order to create history.

On a side note, Sefer Yetzirah warns us that Da'ath does not exist, saying there are "Ten Sephiroth of Nothingness; ten and not nine, ten and not eleven" (I:4).

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