An Interactive Qabalah

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Welcome to our little Qabalistic corner of the Web. These are Nitnorth's notes about Qabalah: things he's read, and things he's thought about those things. Some of it is gibberish, some the ravings of a lunatic, some just plain lies; and in it perhaps you'll find the occasional grain of truth ... much like life.[1] Use at your own risk. Contains material that some viewers might find unsuitable. May contain nuts.

If you know nothing at all about Qabalah, you can read my introduction, or what Wikipedia has to say about it. Otherwise, over on your left the world is at your fingertips — have at it!

Usage notes:

  1. The main image tries to cram everything it can all into one place. It's a stew of rollovers that will produce images and links. Whatever you're looking for probably is there, but you may need to hunt for it a little bit. Hover your mouse over the image; in most places where you place it, some other image will pop up. Pay particular attention at the sides of the image (worlds and triads) and at the top (pillars).
  2. Wherever you see Hebrew text in the essays, try hovering your mouse over it. It will show you the English transliterations of the words, along with their enumeration. Try it here: יהוה. Here's a transliteration chart showing how these pages represent the Hebrew alphabet in transliterations.
  3. Most pages have blocks of navigation arrows at the top. These will take you through related groups of pages in order; and where there is related information about the group, you'll also see one or more up or down arrows.
  4. Don't try to print these pages using your browser's 'print' button. You won't get what you want. Instead, use the print icon at the bottom left of the page to get a printer-friendly copy of the thing you want to print, and print that.
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Other notes:

Western Hermetic Qabalah differs from classical Jewish systems in ways little and big. Where I know anything about the difference, I've tried to present at least a little of alternate points of view.

The background star images are extractions from the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) calendar — an amazing online resource. The other pictures available here are things I drew myself, or (in the case of the Tarot cards) scans from Crowley's Thoth tarot deck.

[1]Or the World Wide Web.
[1]Or the World Wide Web.
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